One Day Website Workshop

Get a professional-looking website for a fraction of what you’d pay a professional.

Our live, in-person workshop makes it easy and affordable.

Get the guidance and step-by-step process to quickly and effectively achieve superior results. The One-day Website Workshop uses the same strategies and tactics that professional marketers would use to promote your business—without the cost of expensive consultants.

Money-back Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you'll have a live, working, professional-looking website to promote your small business—or your money back!

Responsive Website Design

Get the features you need to promote your business

  • A distinctive, professional look that matches your unique brand
  • Looks great on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Search engine optimized to make it easier for customers to find you on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • A foundation for other online marketing activities you do on social media, paid and local search, and other channels
  • Blog-ready (optional) so you can create content that helps new customers find you and gives current customers a reason to stay involved with your brand

Get the guidance and personal attention you need to get results

  • We’ll walk you through the process step by step.
  • We’ll put the pieces together in the right order so you get the best results.
  • We'll tell you how to write copy that gets results.
  • We'll work with you to design and build your website.
  • If you hit a speed bump or a roadblock, we'll be there to get you through it.
  • Small class size ensures you'll get the personal attention you need.

We give you what you need to make the process easy and effective


We provide a comprehensive but efficient process so you don't miss an important step. We direct you to the most cost-effective tools to help you get the job done.


We provide the expertise—both through guidance and our own hands-on role in the creation of your website.


Throughout the process, we're there to answer your questions and give you the guidance and feedback to keep on track and moving forward with confidence.

Our process ensures you get results


Two weeks before the workshop, our program provides the process and direction for you to create the content and layout for your website.

One-on-one review

Two to three days before the workshop, we conduct a review of your content and layout to provide any final feedback. It's an important step to ensure you're ready for the workshop.


We work together in a workshop environment to implement your content and layout plan. We provide the technical and design expertise to ensure you finish the workshop with professional-looking results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is One-day Website Workshop?

One-day Website Workshop is a program that helps you build a professional-looking website for your small business. Our process guides you through all the stages of building an effective website to promote your business, without having to take on the expense of hiring a professional web design firm or the time to do it yourself.

Download the One-day Website Workshop Guide to get the details.

How is One-day Website Workshop better than using a do-it-yourself service like Squarespace or Wix, or hiring a web design firm?

Building a website on your own is challenging and time-consuming. Working through the technical issues can be frustrating, and ensuring you design and write your site to deliver on your marketing goals can be difficult. Additionally, “build your own site” services such as Squarespace or Wix charge as much as $26 a month for a small business site.

Hiring a web design firm is a good idea if you can afford one. But they often cost thousands of dollars, and for many small businesses, hiring a firm is cost-prohibitive.

One-day Website Workshop fixes all of that. We walk you through each stage of building a well-designed, well-written website from the ground up. Over the course of two weeks, we will help you write strong content, build a compelling site and develop effective website strategies for getting more customers. By the end of the workshop day, you will have a live, functioning, professional-looking website to promote your business.

Finally, there are no expensive hosting fees when if you choose to take advantage of the complementary hosting we offer as a courtesy to our clients. And if you ever want to move your site to another web host, you can because your website runs on WordPress, the most widely used content management system on the web and supported by almost all major hosting companies.

Is One-day Website Workshop really just one day?

One-day Website Workshop’s process kicks off two weeks before the live, in-person “one day” workshop. During that two-week period, you’ll attend a kickoff call where you’ll learn the details of the process, write your content (with our help and guidance), and select stock images to use on your site. After about a week, you will have a one-on-one call with Joe or Cate, who will provide feedback on your progress and address any questions you may have. This ensures you have all the materials you’ll need to build your site.

The last day of this process is the one-day workshop. You’ll bring everything you’ve created throughout the previous two weeks. Then we work together to build your site in a collaborative workshop environment. By the end of the workshop, your site will be live and fully functional.

Who is the ideal candidate for One-day Website Workshop?

One-day Website Workshop is ideal for small business owners or individuals looking to start a small business, but can’t afford to hire a professional website designer. The workshop includes participants that are building their websites from the ground up, or replace their current website with a redesigned website.

What’s your cancellation policy?

One-day Website Workshop will refund your fee 100% up until the last day of registration for that session. That allows us to replace your seat with someone on the waitlist with enough time for that participant to take advantage of the full program.

How much does it cost?

The current flat fee for One-day Website Workshop is $375—but we’re currently running an introductory offer (Download our features and pricing guide for details). This fee includes your participation in the entire One-day Website Workshop process. This fee does not include costs you may incur for incidentals you many need for your site, i.e. to purchase your domain name and license stock art to use in your design.

I really want to use my site for blogging. Is this an option?

Yes. Building a blog into your site is included in the One-day Website Workshop. However, if participants prefer not to have a blog, they don’t have to.

Are there any hidden fees?


What is your money-back guarantee?

If you participated in the entire workshop—working through the entire One-day Website Workshop process—and you are not satisfied with your site, you can choose to not launch your site for a full refund.

Is there a recurring monthly fee?

No, not through One-day Website Workshop. You will only have recurring monthly fees if you choose to use third-party services.

Do I need technical skills?

While you won’t need to know any coding, you should be familiar with using a web browser, filling out online forms (such as on Facebook, or an e-commerce checkout) and word processor applications, such as Microsoft Word.

What’s the catch? Why is it so cheap?

We keep costs down and save time by working with participants in a group setting rather than on a one-on-one basis and through the use of a modular site builder system that allows us to help you quickly and effectively build a unique website. We also offer free hosting, so you won’t incur a monthly recurring fee if you choose to use our hosting.

I already have a site but want to make it better. Is the Workshop right for me?

Maybe. The website that you create through One-day Website Workshop will replace your current website if you have one. We understand that every small business’ website status varies, and we will gladly help you decide if One-day Website Workshop is the right choice for you.


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Download the features and pricing guide

Create Your Own Website: One-Day Website Workshop Brochure

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  • Details of all our workshop options
  • Explanation of our process and what to expect
  • Specifications of your website's features
  • Pricing information
Money-back Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you'll have a live, working, professional-looking website to promote your small business—or your money back!

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